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     I am a psychic medium from the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area.  I offer private and phone readings and can also read using Skype or FaceTime if you want me to.  As a psychic medium I receive spiritual information from the other side that allows me to perform psychic readings that provide clarity, direction and understanding.  It's been that way since the passing of my grandmother Vera when I was six.  Those who have passed are always trying to find a way to communicate with us in order to help us in our lives.  Everyone has this ability a little bit and there is nothing new about the flow of spiritual information from them to us.  Almost everyone I talk to has a few stories they can tell about having experiences of their own.   

      A psychic reading with me could be about your career, loved ones who have passed, love life, medical and directional changes but are not restricted to these choices.  It always starts off with what you need to know right now but might also contain elements of your past and future. 

     There are videos on my youtube channel you might like to watch.  They were taken at some of the expos I read at around the country.  Since most psychic mediums can communicate with animals there are some videos about that as well.

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