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      Hello and welcome to my website.  I'm a Psychic Medium and author from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area.  As a psychic medium I act like a middleman between the physical and spiritual world bringing messages to you from the other side.  I can connect with the spirits that are around everyone because they allow it.  For some reason unknown to me I have always been able to hear them and I believe anyone can learn to do the same.  They are closer than you think they are.  Some are sensitive enough to feel their presence and others are not.  All they want to do is help and all you have to do is listen.  If you have arrived at my site perhaps you are wanting to hear from someone or just learn more about your own intuitive spirit and abilities to connect with those who have passed.

      I offer private and phone reading sessions of various lengths on my Private and  Phone pages.  All readings are confidential.  The information I receive has always been clear and accurate.  Please call me if you think that I might help.  

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