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Dallas, Fort Worth Texas 214-636-7546

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     Gary Champion, Psychic Medium   

     Hello and welcome to my website.  I'm Gary Champion.  I'm a Psychic Medium from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area and have been since the age of six when my grandmother Vera passed.  From the moment she passed I was aware that there were spirits around me guiding and helping me from the other side just as they are for everyone.  Knowing what they are saying and passing it on to you is what being a psychic medium is all about. 

     I offer private and phone reading sessions of various lengths for you to pick from on my Private and Phone pages.  For someone with only a few questions the shorter reading of fifteen minutes will usually do.  If you feel that you will need more time just click on the button that you feel is appropriate.  All readings are confidential.   The information I receive has always been accurate with clarity and direction being an integral part.  Please call me if you think that I might help.

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