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Gary Champion / Psychic Medium / Dallas / Fort Worth / Texas

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Picture of Gary Champion, Psychic Medium

Welcome To My Website

                I am a third generation psychic medium and started hearing voices when my grandmother Passed.  She was a psychic medium and I think that's why I'm one as well.  A psychic medium I offer private readings where I live and phone readings from anywhere.  Your reading may be about your career, loved ones passed, love life and directional changes but are not restricted to these choices.

 Through mediumship I have dedicated my life to helping others attain self-awareness by connecting with those who have passed who help me answer questions that provide clarity, direction and understanding.  I find that most of the things in this life that are worthwhile come from the heart so that's where I read from.

Many weekends I can be found giving live demonstrations of mediumship around the country.  

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Pet Loss Support, Suicide Prevention, Grief Counseling, Spiritual Development, Spiritual Development, Bookstore 

 Amazing accurate readings at an expo by Gary Champion, psychic medium  

Mediumship, A demonstration of Psychic medium readings with Gary Champion

Psychic medium Gary Champion gives little readings at an expo

Animal communication demonstration by Gary Champion, psychic medium at a kennel

Animal communication by Gary Champion at a kennel in Texas

Accurate Gallery style readings by psychic medium Gary Champion


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