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    Gary Champion is the best authentic gifted psychic medium in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

     Someone who hears spirits is a psychic medium and I became one without ever knowing what the words meant because the day after my grandmother passed I could hear her.  I was only six years old but I knew that I had already found my path.  A reading with me can be about many things but all of my readings are done with the aid of those who are in spirit.  

     Much later I discovered through family members that Vera had also been a psychic medium.  I credit her with my mediumship abilities because I was the only one with her when she passed.   

      Everyone at some time in their lives get a little lost.  Feeling like you need a reading is just your subconscious mind telling your conscious mind that you need a little help.  That's all a reading is and what it is for.  Inside you are all the answers you will ever need to navigate your life.  To access that information you must become one with yourself through meditation.  It is something that takes a lot of time to learn how to do so a reading is just a short cut to get you there a little quicker.  All my readings contain information that I could not possibly know because it comes from the other side.  Your relatives and guides that are in spirit are desperately trying to tell you things every day that can make your life better just as they tell me things every day that make my life better.  There is no end to the search for the meaning of life, there is only the search.  A good place to start learning how to meditate is to try a guided meditation at this UCLA site.  UCLA Health  Once you feel comfortable with one of those try writing one yourself.  They seem to work the best.  

    I believe that we are all psychic mediums and have the ability to communicate with those who have passed by opening our hearts.  Your loved ones who have passed are only a thought or a whisper away.  Thanks for coming to my website.  If you think I can help please call me at 214-636-7546

All readings are confidential.  

  No Fear, No Regret, No Anger

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