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Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

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      Hello, I'm Gary Champion.  I'm a psychic medium and author from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area.  I have been a psychic medium since the age of six when my grandmother Vera passed.  The first voice I heard from the other side was hers.  After that many more followed.  I have always known that there were spirits around me and eventually understood that their spiritual messages were something I could and should pass on to others.  This is my sixteenth year to give readings by phone or in person.  I perform gallery readings and séances in homes and public venues around the country throughout the year.  As a psychic medium I have learned to pass on what I hear in a session with the hope of helping someone.       

      I offer private and phone reading sessions of various lengths on my Private and  Phone pages.  All readings are confidential.  The information I receive has always been clear and accurate.  Please call me if you think that I might help.  

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