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      Hello, I'm a psychic medium from the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area.  As with many mediums something triggered the ability in me to communicate with those who have passed.   With me it was the passing of my grandmother Vera in Jefferson, Texas when I was six years old.  I was with her when it happened and soon after that I began to hear from her.  Within a short period of time I could communicate anyone who had passed.  She was a psychic medium and I think that's why I'm one as well.  A psychic reading with me could be about your career, those who have passed, your love life and directional changes but are not restricted to these choices.  Your reading will be about you right now but might also contain elements of your past and future.  Through mediumship I have learned to help others attain self-awareness by connecting with those who have passed who help me answer questions that provide clarity, direction and understanding.

    After performing psychic readings for a while I discovered that I have many gifts that other mediums also have.  I am clairvoyant or clear seeing, clairaudient or clear hearing, clairscent or clear smelling, clairtangent or clear touching, and  Clairempathic or clear emotion.     

Many weekends I can be found giving demonstrations and performing psychic readings at expos around the country.  I also have video lecture classes available for those who want to improve their abilities to communicate with those who have passed as well as animals. 

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