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Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas  214-636-7546

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Gary Champion, psychic medium

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      Hello, I'm Gary Champion.  I'm a psychic medium and author from the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area.  I offer psychic medium readings over the phone or in person and give a class called Séance at psychic fairs and expos around the country.  You might say I act as a middleman between this world and the next.  I receive messages from the other side and pass them along in the hope of helping others.       

      As a psychic medium I believe that if we open our hearts to the possibility of afterlife spiritual communication we can improve our lives in every way.  I know, as do you, that your loved ones are only a thought or a whisper away.

     For a phone or in person reading please go to my services page.  I can be reached at 214-636-7546 or the contact form.        

      All readings are confidential.  Being a psychic medium is not an exact science but the information I receive has always been clear and accurate. 

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  No Fear, No Regret, No Anger

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