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       I am an authentic Texas-native who is able to hear distinct voices and receive genuine messages from the other side.  Most psychics can talk about being intuitive or clairvoyant, but I truly am.  I am one of the few, rare individuals that consistently provides accurate, realistic information to clients.

      At the age of 6, I was spending the evening alone with my psychic medium grandmother Vera when she suddenly and unexpectedly passed.  The next day, I clearly heard her speaking to me.  I eventually realized than no one else could hear her...but me!  I believe she shared her unique psychic gift with me that very night.  Since that moment, I have been receiving continuous, valuable spiritual communication.  Those who have passed are not just around us to give us messages saying that they are still around but also to help you in your life through guidance.

     Since 2003, I have traveled nation-wide offering amazing gallery demonstrations and private readings for the Body-Mind-Spirit Expo circuit and others in major cities such as, Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Durango, Tampa, Raleigh, Dallas and Austin.  At home in Texas, I conduct phone and in-person readings seven days a week, as well as attending local fairs and private events.   I also have the ability to communicate with animals and have helped numerous clients with pet concerns and issues.  I have written several books (available on about my experience with spirit communication, such as Little Moments of Clarity: My Inward Journey as a Texas Psychic Medium, What’s Happening to Me? Becoming a Psychic Medium, At the Zoo: Animal Readings, and At the Kennel: Dog Readings. I also offers three video classes titled Psychic Medium Development, Animal Communication Development, Lose the Baggage and Restart your Life.     My Youtube channel

       New!  I will travel to where you live or work to give you a reading.  There is no travel charge.  You must be within a thirty minute drive from Lewisville.  Call for an appointment.


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