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     I began writing non-fiction books about what I do and my understanding of it in two thousand and eight.  Later on I began to write fiction although many of the plots and information in them are real.   Some of the characters are those I met in real life but their names have been changed.  Even though they are fictional in nature they contain a lot of situations that really happened to me.  All the books that appear on this page were written, edited and published by me.  To purchase a book click on the cover and the hyperlink will take you to Amazon Books where they are available.

Latest Nonfiction Book

self healing book cover

 Intentions book cover     To the other side book cover          spiritual book cover     What's happening book cover

leaving the Earth book cover     remote book cover     alone book front     Future glimpse book cover     


Pluto book cover  small tales book cover   pick up the gun book cover   digging up the dead book cover   

     small tales II book cover    willie nelson book cover

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