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      This page consists of frequently asked questions I get from clients and others that I have tried to answer .  The answer to these questions probably varies from medium to medium but these are mine.

1. Does it matter how long someone has passed before you can connect with them?

A. No, I have several times talked to someone who had passed the night before. 

2. How long have you been a medium?

A. Since the age of six when my grandmother passed.

3. How often should I get a reading?

A. This is something that should come from you and when you think the time is right.

4. Can I record my reading?

A. Yes, it's all right with me.  Audio is all right but not a video.

5. How long should my reading be?

A. I find that that is something you will know and should tell me.

6. Is an in-person reading better than a phone reading?

A. From my perspective it doesn't matter even a little bit.  Some clients just like to be here but it's not necessary.

7. Are there questions you can't answer?

A. They will not tell me when someone will pass unless there is some compelling reason to.

8. Can I ask questions during the reading?

A. Yes, it's always a good idea to have questions in mind for your reading.

9.  If you see something in my future that I should avoid will you tell me and can I change it?

A. Yes, I will tell you if I know something in your future that's not good for you.  Most people find it hard to change but the future is not written and can be changed.

10. Can you hear those who have committed suicide?

A. It happens all the time.

11. What techniques do you use as a psychic medium?

A. There is no technique.  I hear voices and I tell you what I hear.  It's pretty simple from my viewpoint.  A reading with a psychic medium isn't just about those who have past.  Career, love life and directional information can also be obtained in a session.

12. Can I bring someone else to my reading?

A. If it is someone who is family that works pretty well.  If they are not family the reading might be all about them and not you.  You each enter the room with different sets of people who have passed. 

13. Should I tell you my story before beginning a reading?

A. You definitely should not.  If you tell me something you just confuse me.  It should happen naturally from the other side.

14. Do you get names?

A. Yes.  They give them to me when it might make a difference in a reading but sometimes they don't and I would only be guessing as to why.

16. How do they appear to you?

A. Sometimes they show themselves to me but in the beginning of a reading they usually tell me how they passed or some personal thing that only you would know.

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