Private Readings

Gary Champion, Psychic Medium, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas 214-636-7546

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      For a private or in person reading you can prepay using the PayPal buttons below to pick your length of reading and then calling 214-636-7546 to pick a time or just call and I will process a credit card for you. 

     I am also available to come to and read at private parties, birthdays, special events, Sorority or college get togethers, corporate events and celebrations of any kind.  Most of these will be one on one readings but I can also read gallery style and have for fifteen years.  I am a real psychic medium so what I do may or may not be entertaining but it is certainly the truth.   

      In person private readings are given at 516 Legends Drive, Lewisville, Texas.  The interactive map below will help get you there.                 animated gif hummingbird

30 Minute Private Reading = $100.00   


45 Minute Private Reading = $150.00

60 Minute Private Reading = $200.00