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      The sterling silver gemstone rings other things for sale on this page are each one of a kind.  They are hand made of silver and  gemstones or shell.  They are shipped usually within a day.  Shipping is $5 for each item in inventory. 

     The sand cast rings are not perfect.  Casting them in sand prevents that but the slight imperfections to me give each one of a kind ring more character.   They contain more silver making them heavier and more robust.  Delivery only in the continental United States.  All sales are final.

Gemstone meanings are at the bottom of the page

New! Silver sand cast one of a kind rings

They are sand cast so slight imperfections adding character may be visible.

66 blue opal

Anna ring named after my wife
#66 blue opal  12x12 mm hand made sand cast 12x12 mm Anna ring size 8 $35

67 lapis

Anna ring named after my wife

#67 lapis 12x12 mm hand made sand cast Anna ring size 8.5 $35

64 red and white agate

Anna ring named after my wife

#64 red and white agate hand made sand cast 12x12 mm ring size 8, $35

58 rhodenite

Mary ring named after my mother

#58 rhodonite silver sand cast one of a kind ring with 14x10 mm gemstone size 7, $40

57 unakite

Mary ring named after my mother

#57 unakite silver sand cast one of a kind ring with 14x10 mm gemstone size 7.5, $40

60 blue howlite 

Mary ring named after my mother

#60 blue howlite silver sand cast one of a kind ring with 14x10 mm gemstone size 8.5, $40

59 poppy jasper 

Mary ring named after my mother

#59 poppy jasper silver sand cast one of a kind ring with 14x10 mm gemstone size 8.5, $40

Kokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who is venerated by some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.

34 kokopelli

#34 Kokopelli 17x13 mm size 8.5 silver sand cast ring $30

35 kokopelli

#35 Kokopelli 17x13 mm size 7 silver sand cast ring $30

36 kokopelli

#36 Kokopelli 17x13 mm size 7.5 silver sand cast ring $30
32 paw print
#32 paw print 15x13 mm sand cast hand made size 6.5, $20

33 lotus
#33 Lotus flower 14x11 mm sand cast hand made size 7, $20

amber 212
#212 amber  11x9 mm pronged  size 6 $40

amber 97
#97 amber 14x10 mm beaded size 8.5 $35

89 aventuring

#89 aventurine Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast 13 mm ring size #7, $30


#162 green aventurine 14x10 non-beaded size 7 $30

aventurine 165

#165 green aventurine 14x10 mm beaded  size 8 $35

blue lace agate 196
#196 blue lace agate 14x10 beaded  size 7.5 $35

blue lace agate 204

204 blue lace agate 14x10 beaded size 7.5 $35

blue onyx 205

#205 blue onyx 14x10 beaded size 7.5 $35

78 blue opal

#78 blue opal 15x12 mm size 7 $35

blue opal 209

#209 blue opal 11x9 mm pronged size 7 $40

85 blue opal

#85 blue opal rustic 10 x10 mm Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast ring size 8.5, $30

botswana agate 166

#166 Botswana agate 14x10 beaded size 9 $35

botswaana agate 167

#167 Botswana agate 14x10 beaded size 9 $35

carnelian 140

#140 carnelian 12 mm round size 7 $25

carnelian 143

#143 Carnelian 12 mm round size 7 $25

chesstnut jasper 49

#49 chestnut jasper 20x10 mm size 9.5 $40

chyrsocolla 202

#202 chyrsocolla 14x10 beaded size 7.5 $35

98 chrysocolla
#98 chrysocolla 14x10 mm oval beaded size 7 $35
93 chrysocolla
#93 Chrysocolla 14x10 mm beaded oval size 7 $35

dragons blood 130

#130 dragons blood 14x10 non -beaded size 9 $30

dragons blood 180

#180 dragons blood 14x10 mm beaded size 8 $35

dragons blood 194

#194 dragons blood 20x15 mm size 9 $45

gaspeite 206
#206 gaspeite 14x10 mm beaded size 7.5 $35

82 gaspeite

#82 gaspeite 10x10 mm size 7.5, $25

howlite 169

#169 howlite 14x10 mm beaded size 8 $35

88 russian jade

#88 Russian jade Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast 13 mm ring size 8, $30

#213 jade 10x9 mm size 8 $20

jade 115 

#115 jade 14 mm round size 9 $25

kyanite 189

#189 kyanite 14x10 mm non-beaded size 8 $30

61 lapis

#61 lapis heavy band 14x10 mm size 8, $35

90 lapis

90 lapis Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast 13 mm ring size 6.5, $30

lapis 101

#101 lapis 14 mm round size 7 $25

lapis 207

#207 lapis 14x10 mm beaded size 7.5 $35

lapis 210

#210 lapis 10x9 mm size 7 $20

86 lapis

#86 lapis rustic 10 x10 mm Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast ring size 7.5, $30

leopardskin jasper 172

#172 leopardskin jasper 14x10 mm beaded size 9 $35

malachite 161

#161 malachite 12 mm round size 8 $25

87 moonstone

#87 moonstone Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast 13 mm ring size 8, $30

obsidian 149

#149 Obsidian 14x10 mm beaded size 8 $35

green opal 99

#99 green opal 14x10 mm beaded size 7.5 $35

picture jasper 159

#159 Picture jasper 14x10 mm non-beaded size 7 $30

95 picture jasper

#95 picture jasper 14x10 mm beaded size 7 $35

63 rainbow onyx

 #63 rainbow onyx heavy band 14x10 mm size 9, $35

rainbow onyx 203 

#203 rainbow onyx 14x10 beaded size 7.5, $35

80 rainbow onyx

#80 rainbow onyx 10x10 mm size 9.5, $25

red jasper 151

#151 red jasper 14x10 mm non-beaded size 9, $30

red jasper 187

#187 red jasper 14x10 mm non-beaded size 7, $30

red jasper 211

#211 red jasper 10x9 mm size 7, $20

81 red jasper

#81 red jasper 10x10 mm size 8, $25

red and white agate 163

#163 red and white agate 14x10 mm beaded size 7, $35

red and white agate 175

#175 red and white agate 14x10 mm beaded size 8, $35

red and white agate 197

#197 red and white agate 14x10 mm non-beaded size 9, $30

62 rhodonite
#62 rhodonite heavy band 14x10 mm size 7, $35

rhodonite 190

#190 rhodonite 12 mm round size 8, $25

rhodonite 201

#201 rhodonite 11x9 mm pronged size 8, $40

#92 rhodonite

#92 rhodonite Renaissance inspired sterling silver sand cast 13 mm ring size 7.5, $30

rose quartz 142

#142 rose quartz 12 mm round size 9 $25

rose quartz 173

#173 rose quartz 14x10 mm beaded size 7 $35

rose quartz 208

#208 rose quartz 11x9 mm pronged size 7 $40

79 ruby kyanite

#79 ruby kyanite 20x15 mm oval size 8.5 $45

ruby kyanite 188

#188 ruby kyanite mm 14x10 mm non-beaded size 8 $30

ruby kyanite

#83 ruby kyanite 10x10 mm size 8, $25

tiger eye 126

#126 tiger eye 14x10 mm beaded size 8 $35

tiger eye 147

#147 tiger eye 14x10 non-beaded size 9 $30

unakite 110

#110 unakite 14x10 non-beaded size 7 $30

unakite 155

#155 unakite 14x10 beaded size 7.5 $35

unakite 157

#157 unakite 14x10 mm non-beaded  size 8 $30

Earrings with polished Gemstones

68 mother of pearl
#68 Mother of pearl earrings $20
69 aventurine

#69 aventurine earrings $20
70 rhodonite earrings
#70 rhodonite earrings $20

71 blue onyx earrings

#71 Blue onyx earrings $20

72 howlite

#72 howlite earrings $20
73 paua earrings

#73 paua earrings $20
74 blue lace agate earring

#74 blue lace agate earrings $20

75 lapis

#75 lapis earrings #20

76 green onyx earrings

#76 green onyx earrings $20
77 red and white agate earrings

#77 red and white agate earrings $20

Ring Testimonials

Belinda: Mon, Nov 26, 5:27 PM (13 hours ago) to me Hello Gary my beautiful ring arrived yesterday.  I was overjoyed to receive it. So special and gentle with a real hand made with love and integrity feeling. As I opened the little box I distinctly smelt my late and beloved grandmother who I look to still.  

The ring came today (that’s pretty fast!) and it fits perfectly. Emotionally it feels warm and fuzzy and healing and good. It’s quite beautiful. I hope you keep making rings for people. Thank you so much, Gary.   Jane

I am so grateful it finally got here!!!  I love it a lot, the stone is beautiful and I will enjoy it for years to come I am sure!  I like the way it feels on my hand--like it belongs there.

I feel attracted to some of the other stones you have chosen, especially the snakeskin jasper ring but I am one of the furloughed government employees so I feel like I really shouldn't purchase another ring until I get paid again!!  Linda

Hi Gary.  I received the ring you made, and I absolutely love it !!  It is beautiful, and I feel calm when I wear it.  I plan on passing this ring on to my niece.

The ring arrived today.  The bloodstone colors are beautiful and look like the planet Earth. 

Thank you.  Sue


Amber posses very old energy.  With this old energy comes the acquired wisdom of the earth!  It’s a warm, cheerful, wise, protective, and healing stone. It will discharge all negative moods, and it will deflect negative energies that other people may direct at you.  This stone will work hard to make sure that you are only working with strong and positive energies.

Green aventurine is known as the “Lucky Talisman” or “Stone of Opportunity” for its good luck properties. Its deeper purpose is help you release old habits and patterns so you are ready for new opportunities and growth and can move forward with confidence.

Bloodstone assists us in facing the hard realities and challenges of Earthly life with courage and nobility. It does this by strengthening the root chakra, purifying the aura, and grounding one fully in the physical body. By bringing the subtle body into balance, it bolsters our inner vitality and gives us the heart to make necessary sacrifices or look at painful truths.

Blue lace agate is a stone that not only looks beautiful but also holds a subtle but powerful energy. It’s a stunning gemstone that can bring you to a higher state of consciousness! It’s an excellent tool in meditation. It’s calming and uplifting, and it’s illuminating as much as it is empowering. It will endow you with a strong sense of peace and serenity.

Blue opal is a lovely pale blue to blue-green stone to keep with you as it helps to bring the joy back into your life. A stone of communication and creativity, Blue Opal allows you to speak your mind without fear or recrimination. It can help you believe in your own abilities and attract like-minded people into your life. Blue Opal can be used for protection during spiritual journeying or astral travel.

Botswana Agate is about overcoming the uncertainty of direction and personal goals. It has long been associated with balancing power, and the energy emanates is like the balancing between the yin and yang aspects, making sure that the bearer is always grounded. A great stone for those who feel lethargic or anxious.

Carnelian is about action. By activating the first three chakras, Carnelian provides a powerful boost to your willpower, with the physical energy and drive to back it up. If your heart wants something, carnelian can give you the confidence and power to go for it.

Chestnut Jasper is a gemstone for grounding to the Earth's energy and opening your Chakras to alignment and harmony. Chestnut Jasper is a peaceful and passive gemstone that helps you filter negative energy from you and open your mind. This gemstone is active and does well when meditated with. Chestnut Jasper is a lovely stone that works well along quartz and other jaspers for crystal work.

Chrysocolla, The serenity of its turquoise-blue color discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. A peaceful stone, it emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us, and encourages compassion and strengthening of character.

Dragon's Blood Jasper encourages spiritual growth and supports spiritual self-healing. As a part of this healing, it ignites self-reflection, helping to dissolve false self-perceptions so that you can begin to build upon your true self. Emotionally, Dragon's blood Jasper helps to lift the emotions, bringing vitality and joy.

Gaspeite holds a very grounding energy that will provide strong vibrations to your chakras. It will boost your spiritual growth and enhance your visions.  This stone will develop your clairvoyant abilities and other psychic talents.  It’s also a very spiritual stone that can help in contacting or communicating with the spirit world.

Howlite is one of the “attunement stones” which link the user to higher spiritual consciousness. ... Howlite is a lovely stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress. Howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage.

Jade makes a good bedside companion when needing to stay at a hospital, as it can help lessen the anxieties that may arise from the experience. In healing, Jade is thought to help the kidneys, heart and thyroid, among other organs.  It is believed that sculpting female organs into jade stone can help with a difficult pregnancy. Jade stone is also useful to have around when seeking restful sleep.

Kyanite's high spiritual energy enhances one's psychic abilities, and allows for a closer connection and transfer of information from higher beings. It assists in opening the Third Eye during mediation and healing sessions, and may be used to enhance telepathy between two persons, or between healing facilitator and client. It is an excellent tool for Crystal Resonance Therapy.

Lapis is a blue colored stone that aids in the contact of spirit guides and angels. It is a great stone to prevent unwanted psychic attack, which is especially important for psychics who open themselves up during a reading. It will develop intuition, enhance psychic powers and increase clairvoyance.

Leopardskin Jasper is a great stone to utilize when communicating with the animal kingdom, in both the physical and spiritual planes. Leopardskin Jasper is connected with Shamanism, helping to discover personal animal totems (power animals) and learning how to work with them. Leopardskin Jasper also aides in out of body experiences and journeying. It is a powerful protection stone.

Malachite is used to enhance psychic visions, especially when combined with Azurite. It balances all of the chakras, but in particular, the heart chakra. It has a high spiritual energy, which aids in prolific dreaming. It can also be used for aura cleansing. The stone color is bright green and it is one of two basic copper carbonate minerals. It is also known as the “peacock stone.”

Moonstone aids in communicating with spirit guides and assists in heightening abilities. For those who use divination tools, such as tarot cards, rune stones, crystal balls or pendulums, this stone is a good one to possess. The stone enhances intuitiveness and is thought to be a wish granting stone, as well. The stone color is white, milky or creamy. It is also known as the “psychic’s gemstone.”

Mother of pearl is a protection stone and it brings the gentle healing power of the sea.  It is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions.  Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability.  It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced.  Calming and soothing to temper or feelings of fear.  It enables you to more easily express feelings of love.  Mother of Pearl helps with clarity in decision making and is helpful for endurance, organisation and for home life.

Obsidian has been used for centuries by shamans and crystal gazers to make a contact with spirit world. In other words, it helps to make contact with your spirit guide, in case if you want or need it. The spiritual meaning of black obsidian stone is very helpful especially if you do any work that involves contacting with spirit world. In fact, it can also bring you the power of prophecy.

 Onyx, blue is a stone that will increase your happiness and contentment in life. It will also enhance your intuition and strengthen your resolve in changing your bad habits.  It’s a strength-giving stone that will be good for people who are always under extreme physical, emotional, or mental stress.  It will help you reduce or eliminate the stress and allow your body to cope with the demands of life.

Opal, Green and blue is seen to assist in strengthening all types of relationships; romantic, friends, family and business, especially when worn in a pendant around the neck. It is sometimes referred to as the stone of change. It is a spiritual stone that also assists in opening up psychically. On a physical level, Opal can help to cool a fever and infections and improve memory function.

It is believed that all varieties of abalone (including paua) strengthen the body as well as the heart. If a person wears jewelry made from paua shells, it is said that he can express his feelings to others articulately. They are believed to bring sensitivity, harmony, and connectivity in relationships. As this shell is found in a number of colors, it represents the beauty of life, which is 'change' that we experience every day.

Poppy Jasper is a happy and joyful stone associated with poppies and with remembrance.  It will bring your life vitality and cheerfulness, and it will remind you of your duty to humanity to be kind and compassionate!  Poppy Jasper will promote activity, enthusiasm, and dynamic energy in your life.  It will increase your inner strength and mental

Picture Jasper helps to enliven and awaken your creativity and initiative, making it an ideal stone for overcoming writer’s or artist’s block. It makes a wonderful personal talisman, especially for protection, healing and living in the now. Carry picture jasper stones with you to inspire confidence, creativity and for luck in all business pursuits. Protective for expectant mothers.

Rainbow onyx, The russet red of rainbow onyx is for grounding, the green is for opening your heart space, and the yellow is for activating your seat of inner power. Onyx is a stone of strength, persistence, willpower, concentration, and positive thinking.

Red and white agate spiritually raises consciousness and links in collective consciousness and awareness of the oneness of life. It encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences leading tot spiritual growth and inner stability. Agate helps stabilize the aura. It eliminates negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful at the physical and emotional levels.

Red Jasper is also believed to strengthen the healing and calming side of the wearer. This stone helps in developing a balanced attitude through which the wearer can develop a stronger connection with the spiritual as well as the physical world. Red Jasper is believed to carry a strong spiritual grounding vibration for those who are concerned about spiritual well-being and healing.

Rhodonite is highly recognized as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to center during stressful times. It is a crucial “first aid stone” for calming emotional shock and panic, and provides grounded support during the process of dealing with painful issues. Rhodonite has a strong resonance with forgiveness and giving the soul the love it needs in order to heal.

Rose quartz healing properties are centered in spiritual matters of the heart, which corresponds with rose quartz meaning. Rose quartz benefits include facilitating a strong spiritual connection with The Divine, earth and the universe. Rose quartz powers discourage feelings of anger, fear, resentment and suspicion, opening the body to healing light.

 Ruby and Kyanite together is a strong powerful stone that will help to bring dreams into reality while releasing old patterns that are not for our highest good. This stone will help reveal what one needs in order to stay balanced and protected from all negativity. The Ruby aspect in Kyanite acts as a nurturing stone with healing and positive effects on the emotions.

Tiger’s Eye is known for stoking the fires of passion deep within the loins. If you're feeling creatively stuck or spiritually adrift, Tiger’s Eye serves as your spiritual compass that guides you towards the light, helping you harness the powers of the universe in whatever you set out to do, whether it's matters of the heart or the boldest career ambitions.

Unakite is a lovely stone and is an excellent choice, as it is known to aid you to develop clairvoyant abilities. It is one of the stones known to bring through visions of a psychic nature during meditation. Any color of these stones are beneficial to use when you are doing your daily meditation. Unakite is a stone that encourages visionary abilities by opening your psychic vision.