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Gary Champion, Psychic Medium, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas   

      The following testimonials were sent to me by some of my clients by using the contact form.  I don't believe that they are in any particular order. 

Greetings Gary!
My sincerest thanks to you for the session yesterday.  You were able to shine light and add wisdom to my life's path at this transformational period in my life.
I am glad to know that my husband passed into the arms of his mother and is now happy.  Death is a blessing from God.  These bodies are not meant to last forever.  I did my very best to care for him and had the best of help.  Now I am free and he is too.
Your idea for writing my next book under a pseudo-name is quite an interesting one. I am really enjoying my life's journey!  I regret nothing and bless along my way.  Thanks again for the work you do in adding clarity, light and wisdom into people's lives - it is needed and appreciated!
Yours in love and light,
Mama Nomusa, South Africa

Dear Gary:
     Your  opening up the room’ video today was really insightful, helpful and relevant for me, as always. I’m one of those people who watch you with the intention of developing my ‘abilities’, you’ve been so generously helpful. In line with spirits picking cards for you, I’m a long time tarot reader who recently started using tarot for mediumship. I cobbled together a spread for it. I’ve only used it a few times. I have so far connected with my mother (a few times), and my husband’s late father, just for me and my husband. The information provided was sensible. I would like to not have to use the cards, ultimately.
 Best regards,Vicki

Gary.....thank you.  My keys were indeed hanging in a coat pocket in a closet!  I searched that closet SO MANY times before......Lorra        

Dear Gary,

      Thank you so much for the terrific reading you gave me this morning. It was full of positive energy, on the mark insight, and was very enlightening for me. It also was a pleasure to ‘meet’ you and experience your fun sense of humor.  I am curious how you knew my birthdate, we don’t recall telling you.

      I did manage to record the session, and thank you for the extra time. I could listen to you talk for hours, so it’s back to your comforting videos for a while, please keep ‘em comin’! I am a fan, I’ve enjoyed reading two of your books (Remote Psychic Medium Readings, To the Other Side and Back), and just got another one (You are Never Alone).

Thank you again for the good work you do.  Have a great Thanksgiving!  Best regards, Victoria O****

     Thanks for much for the several months of accurate readings.  I was looking for a teaching job and your messages helped guide me in the right direction.  I was able to know that the job was coming and my role was to keep filling out those applications.  You were correct that the job offer was a "late sale" as the teaching position was offered with only two weeks before school starts.  I am so excited to get this new position and feel you were so instrumental in guiding me towards this opportunity.Thanks so much,Tammy     Message: thank you so much. it was lovely talking with you today . thank you. talk to you soon, with love and best wishes, Lisa

From: Lisa      Message: Hi Gary, just wanted to thank you for my reading last week. I really enjoyed talking with you. I am sorry now I didn't book a longer reading with you but in the future we will talk again . After talking with you I have tried to be conscious of how I talk to people and how I say things to them . You told me people misunderstood me and that it was the way I say things .. I have always been and always will just say things as I see it especially if asked .. but now I try to be a little less blunt ..I still say it like I see it just in a softer way lol . Ok I am rambling now and will end this .. just wanted to say thanks !!

     Message: MR. Champion- You have more friends than you know...and you really should know. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and stories. No fear, no regret, no anger has become a mantra for me.
     Message: Gary, Thank you for the reading yesterday.  I took notes and read them again.  You are right on everything!  One me being clingy in relationships and giving too much too soon, I've known this for a while too.  I haven't dated in 7.5 years trying to get my head/heart in shape before I attempt dating again.  What I found along the way is I love being alone and on my own.  Putting myself first was another struggle and I'm getting there.  And I love doing that too!  Being a single mom with 2 sons I thought I would feel lost when they were grown.  Did for a little while but got over it.  lol the normal empty nest I guess.  Another thing you mentioned "teacher".  The psychic I first went to and took classes from said the same thing about me.  Student/teacher.  That was 25 years ago.  Always learning and sharing/teaching what I know.  I do teach others to read cards but never in a professional way.  Friends who are interested and I have thought about teaching classes as well.  No one has mentioned my daughter.  I "knew" she was my daughter though it was way too early to tell.  ****, again no one ever tapped in to that either.  I was very young the first time and most in my life at that time and now don't deal with those who have been ***** well though they forgive the *******.  That's a fight I've had since I started talking about it 30 years ago.  I finally said "enough".  I've left them behind.  The things you picked up about my cousin, wow!  Blew my mind yet you were dead on.  And you're right, I can't save her.  I found the videos you suggested and will watch again.  (On my YouTube channel) Restarting my life and putting me first.  I had planned a few days for myself at the beach to enjoy the full moon and put down cigarettes for good.  I had been watching your videos for a while and found we both had our first psychic experience when our grandmothers died.  I was 7 or 8 and was staying at my other gmas house when I heard the ambulance go by and knew it was my grandmother and that she was gone.  Nothing else though.  I learned to listen to my intuition then and it actually saved me from accidents that could have been bad and learned when I didn't I walked right into the mess I was being protected from.  Listened less when I got older and trying to get back to that.  That leads to the man you mentioned.  We had a really strong attraction.  I'd experienced something similar when I was 17/18 and would never want to jump into that again though I was/am curious.  Things did get squirrely" quickly and I don't know what happened.  Seemed others knew more about (his employees) and I picked up on things like who he was dating in the office.  Interesting though.  I know I've rambled on but I'm so impressed with what you heard.  I will be back for another reading and thank you for your openness and honesty.  I had been thinking about going to psychic fairs and just see how it goes.  Oh, the fabric art and stuff no one even knows I do that lol.  Calling myself Misty sounds really good though whenever I hear misty I always think "Play misty for me" an old movie from the 70's :)  Thank you again

From: Robin T.    
     Message: Hi, I just would like to thank you, for how much I've learned from you. The night that you said about a rogue planet, I had gotten Kepler, wish I had to look up. So I'M sending  much love to you from Belfast, Ireland.
     I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I enjoy them and find them to be quite informative. Your voice is also very soothing.   Thanks for taking the time to do the videos. Meet them coming.  Mary      

     Last Friday, a man I had never met named Gary Champion was referred to me for the purpose of hosting a Gallery in my home. I had invited him to my house to see if he passed my “test” and, if so, to stay and discuss the option of my hosting a Psychic Party and 2 hour Gallery i.e., (a Gallery is a group reading). He knew one thing about me – my name. Nothing else. Whether I was married or not, employed or not – absolutely nothing. The minute he stepped both feet inside my door, his face contorted with pain and he put his hand to the upper right side of his head and asked through his pain, “Do you have a headache?” No, I replied and asked if I could get him something. Gary replied, “No. It’s not my headache. I think it will pass soon.” At that moment it hit me that I actually was talking to a psychic who is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I believe you are feeling my husband. He had brain surgery on that side of his head.” I invited Gary in to sit in my living room so we could discuss plans for the party. Within 30 seconds we were both in tears as he received a message from Bo for me. My tears were from the message and Gary’s were from both the emotion and the physical pain he was feeling from Bo. The message was something Bo said to me many times a day for the entire 5 ½ years we were together and the last words he ever said to me, “Thank you.” As we talked for about an hour, Bo and various other “guests” kept sending me messages through him and he would just stop in the middle of our conversation and make a statement about the message he was getting. Of approximately 20 pieces of information that came through during our conversation, I was able to connect at least 15 of them to current or past situations or to people in my life who are either alive or on the other side.  Rhonda  Christina

     Last week I discovered your YouTube videos. Thanks for being down-to-earth, easy to follow in your explanations and elaborations of your vision, non-alarmist. Thanks, Gary, also for not allowing comments on your YouTube videos. This is not sarcasm, you seem as aware as I am of how few comments are sincere and respectful and relevant to the video topic. Also some commentators respond like howler monkeys when a psychic medium relates some reality they don't want to accept. Silencing trolls makes for a better user experience.

Hi Gary, this is Stephanie XXXXXX.
     I met you the other day in Skokie, Illinois at the body, mind, and spirit expo. I was the girl sitting in the front that recently lost my best friend and she was communicating through you. It really touched me and I was wonder if you were going to put it on you tube so I can see it again. I felt better that day but I'm still struggling big time. I wish you lived in Chicago so I could connect with her again!! I miss her beyond words and the thought of never seeing her again makes me sick and heartbroken. 28 years of friendship gone like that without warning.  Warning! This video may contain material unsuitable for minors.  It has been uploaded at the request of the girl in it who lost her friend.

     I had the chance to get a reading from Gary Champion tonight.

      He immediately picked up on things I wondered about and gave me some answers to the things that he most definitely shouldn't have known. He talked about a lot of things that I had been dealing with meaning "people" He had amazing accuracy with a lot of things from my past and what seemed to be my future. A couple times I teared up while getting the reading done but kept my composure and took the hard advice like a champ. I will keep myself safe Gary and will be watching out for the road bumps you had talked about. I will not be living in that mindset anymore. I will also be calling back at some point to get a follow up reading. Probably hands down the best medium I have talked to yet. Thank You kind Sir! - Aaron K


     Thank you again for speaking to me this morning.  I knew what you told me was true. I just needed to hear it from "him". He could have trusted me not to make him feel worse and get him help but he wouldn't listen. My grandmother was the one who couldn't breath. And Earl was the one in the military and died from cancer. You were extremely accurate to have never met me or spoke to me before and no time to research him. I'll be in touch later in July. Thank you again.     Lacy                                                                                                       

Dear Gary,   
     In our phone reading on May 3rd 2015 (my son's birthday) I asked if he could help me locate a lost document.  It was a DNA test and the only proof I had that Ben, his son, was my grandson.  The institute that did the test could not legally give me a copy even though I had a receipt that I had paid for the test.  Another test was impossible.  After my son died when I found the envelope it was empty except for the receipt.  When I asked the question I had very little hope for a positive response.     Gary said,"He said it's in a folder in a cabinet."  At this point I'm still disbelieving.     Gary said, "Now he's showing me an old fashioned can opener. (A church key)     I said, "I have one stuck on the hood of my kitchen stove."  I got off the phone.  My girlfriend Sayne and I went in search for the lost document.  How thrilled I was!!  The DNA test was in a folder in a cabinet and the church key pointed directly to the cabinet.  The church key was in the kitchen.  The cabinet was in the living room about thirty feet away.  He answered another twenty questions in this recent reading.  All very valuable but nothing as astounding as the lost DNA test.    Sincerely, Carol *******    Gary

     I wanted to start off by saying Thank You for the readings you do on YouTube. They resonated with me to the point of tears.  A.K.

     Just wanted to say thanks for the great experience I had talking with Gary at the De Queen, Arkansas event in October. He hit a lot of things right on! I just wanted to comment on his accuracy...

     Gary gave me a name as the person being responsible for the strange things that happen at my sister's home. The name was William. My sister studied the abstract and found that the first name on the abstract was William Adcock, and he lived there in 1836. He also told me there were two Native American brothers, buried deep underground on this property. Well, on the abstract it also stated that this land was occupied by "Indians" in 1897. This really threw my sister for a loop! I gave her the information provided by Gary, and it was confirmed by studying the abstract. The proof was in black and white.

Can't wait for your next visit to our area!!  Thank you, again.DFM

Hi Gary, 

     I don't know if anyone ever tells you this but you have shared some pretty incredible info with me over the last year and these are the things that you predicted and that have now happened.  You can share this info with anyone you like.  Oct 2014 you told me my daughter and son in law would be involved in a attempted murder and that they would blame each other.   You described the scene.  This happened on May 28 2015.  In April 2015 you told me that the man I had just started to date was having panic attacks that he was being medicated for.  This happened in June 2015.  In December 2014 you told me that even if I did everything in my power to save my grandson that I would be unable to change his living circumstances.  I have had protective custody of him since the above mentioned assault with a deadly weapon and the judge returned him to his parents yesterday. Freaky stuff! Cathy

     Just a note to thank you for my message last Saturday at The Body Mind and Spirit Expo in Skokie, IL. I had been thinking of and missing my sister, Mary Ann who transitioned in 1995. A few weeks ago I asked for some type of message that she was OK. I was not expecting anything when I came to hear you speak. Your first message was from her. It brought me much comfort. Thanks again.

Full Name: Genny *******

Comments: Gary,
     I wanted to thank you for your time Tuesday evening again.  I reached out to you for a very specific reason, which was to connect with my deceased dog, Mara.  I didn't expect so many other people to be brought up, but after speaking to my sister, I was able to put a few pieces together after we spoke.  I also wanted to share that I had a rather odd dream the next morning- similar to dreams I've had in the past...      

Hello, I received your reading on 2nd Nov. Portland. This is Rie. (Short Japanese woman) Just wanted to say " Thank you ".After the reading, I feel much better and have very warm energy in my body. (You may understand what I feel).Hope I see you soon. You are a great!  Thanks again. (My mother is telling me, I have to say Thank you .) Rie

From Chris,
     We met by chance at the KFC. You invited me over to your table when you heard the truth behind my troubles... I ride a motorcycle. One thing you said to me was for me to hurry and get back to Southern California and reconnect with a loved one who wouldn't be around much longer. well, a couple of days ago a dear friend was killed in a motorcycle accident. I have been planning to head that way to see him and family. Spoke to him two days before his accident. Headed to the mans funeral this week...      Thank you for such wonderful readings Gary.  I've had so many and yours are the absolute best!  You've helped so much and created a peace and calm in me that I haven't felt in some time.  Once we get through this I will need help with career.  don't be surprised if I call you ; thanks again!  Erin


     Thank you so much for the reading today, and for spending the time with me that you did. Sometimes hearing the truth is difficult, and that was indeed the case with my reading. However, the bright spot seems to be that there's always room for change, and I did understand your message: Be more proactive, and manifest my own happiness as opposed to waiting for someone or something else to do so. Thank you again for your insight, and

 I'm sure I'll be in touch in the future.

Comments: Dear Gary,
   Thank you for opening a new chapter in my life. Your session with me was so very accurate and on target. You could not ever known the details of the situation at hand. I will testify that you are the real deal and are a truly a blessed man. If anyone has reservation; I am here to say look no further.
God bless you my friend; as he already has. I am amazed and changed forever.

Mike Fisher
Fort Worth, TX 

     Thank you so much for the reading. It was really wonderful, and we appreciate the extra time you gave us. We listened to the recording, and some of the pieces that confused us came together the second time around.  Thanks again for your patience!  Best,

Skyler & Mom  Comments: Greetings Gary, 
     This is just a note to let you know that you did a reading for me right before you moved to Texas.  It was at the Wyndham in Milwaukee.  Everything you said was accurate and I thank you for bringing some clarity to my life at that time.  You said I had to complete and publish my book before I went to Africa, which was my dream.  You said when it was time for me to go, I would not be coming to someone to ask if this was the right time, I would just tell them what time the plane was leaving! You were absolutely correct.  After the reading I immersed myself into writing my memoir and as I was writing it doors opened for me to come to Africa.  I have been here a year and promoting my book, etc. etc.  Thank you for reflecting for me and I wish you the best.  May you be blessed!  Nomusa

     Hi Gary, I met with you this time last year I believe. Honestly, I walked away skeptical & chalked our meeting up to a loss. However, one thing you warned me of was to stop smoking, now. Well, I'm fairly young still, but went to the doctor today, and shockingly, I may have breast cancer. 
I wanted to let you know, that although I have no clue as to how you know things, perhaps you helped me out, more than at that time, I was willing to give u credit for.

     Adrianne , I had a reading with Gary in October and I want to say he is absolutely great. He wanted nothing except for my first name and told me so many things, and some things I have never told anybody and things nobody else knows. I believe some of the things he told me will help my sister and my family!!!
This reading with Gary has actually helped me so much, he is great.  Thank you Gary.
I would recommend Gary to others who need his insight.
     Mary Jane sister of missing Hope Meek .  Thank you for the reading today. It was wonderful!!! I wish I would have recorded it. Short term memory. Laughing. I will let you know how the home looking goes. 

     I had the splendid opportunity to first meet Gary about 4 years ago. At that time my new husband of about a month and I had a reading with Gary. He was very accurate about so many things, including telling us about our pregnancy (we knew for about 1 week). He told us the gender of the baby and so many more things that no one knew. He even answered one of our questions before we could ask about it. He is truly amazing and would go to Gary for anything before anyone else. Thank you Gary!!!    

     Hello Gary, Strange that I received your e-mail at this time, for I have been thinking about the reading I had with you very strongly the last few days, I had even checked to see if you were on the list to appear in Raleigh, N.C. in Aug. at the BMSE Expo, it was there I met you, and I must say I was very surprised at what came through. I kept telling myself, it can't be my brother Donnie coming through, even though I knew it to be true. Sorry it was so graphic for you. Many changes had occurred in my life since his death, and at times were afraid of losing my mind, so the reading after the seminar was much needed. It was a release for me, as I had so much pain & guilt for not being able to save him from himself. I logically knew it wasn't my fault, but logic is not to be found when you're holding your brother's brain in your hands. I lost myself in the trauma of it all. He did not want that for me, so thanks to going to the expo and attending your seminar he made sure I found myself again, and it was nice to know that my other two brothers and my Dad were checking in on me too. Many strange things keep happening in my life, but I now except them, for what they are and I find comfort in them. I must say that the moment you said I hear Merle Haggard singing I knew my life would be forever changed.. It was a joke between us..he loved his so much.. Thank you again Gary, and hope to meet with you again, you are a Blessing..

      By the way, when I saw your website I had to look twice, my mother's name is Vera Jeffords, your grandmother was Vera from Jefferson, startled me for a minute there, and yes, I'm working hard to repair that self esteem, just like you told me to..  Thank You, Diane    

Comments: Gary,

     Had a reading last month from you. Unbelievable accuracy including a 3 day time
span and the time of the day that something was going to happen. You amaze me.
Carol     I first saw Gary do a group reading in May of 08, the first message of the evening was for me. Impressed with the evidence, I got a reading from him. The most notable contact of the reading was Arthur, I had not   even considered him being there. There was a promise I had made to Arthur, and he discussed it with me. He had very strong clear and relevant information for me. Through 2 visits with Gary I have been able to become comfortable with the decisions in a very personal matter and know it is ok to let it go. A year ago I was not convinced this kind of communication was even possible. But though experiences from Gary Champion I know that it is possible. Five other friends of mine have had reading from him and all of us are totally impressed with his work. If you are looking for genuine honest and no nonsense medium, Gary is exactly that. Mike Matthias Garland, Tx. 

     You have become a very important person in my life. I look to you for help when I can't figure things out myself. Or sometimes it's like a voice "Maybe you should call Gary". And you always are a help. I end up with information I needed.

     I can think of two stories off the top of my head.  First is of course the last time I talked to you. I was terrified that I was really sick. That thought scared me. You explained what was going on and guess what, you were right. That's not the first time. A few years ago my brother was having problems with his marriage and told him to call you. He did and you pretty much confirmed his fear and added some information that later was confirmed. It cost him a bundle, but he got joint custody of his son (unheard of in the state of Michigan. The mom always gets the kids). His lawyer was shocked. You also told him to remember the name Rebecca. No one never heard of a person by that name. A year later my sister husband had a relationship with a person by that name. I'm now in school just like you said and really excited about the future. Thank you so much.  Anonymous

     I have had three readings with Gary Champion – one in person and two by phone. Each time, he conveyed helpful messages. I took notes at each reading. In some cases, it was only months or weeks later – after other events unfolded – that I came to understand the meaning or accuracy of the information. Other messages were immediately relevant and comforting. I encourage anyone who is curious and open-minded to seek a reading with this sincere, genuinely and powerfully talented psychic medium.

 Kelly Kuglitsch

     I have had many readings with Gary. He has helped me cope with the death of my husband, find a job, and find a house. Right before I moved, I had a phone reading where Gary warned me about the danger of a house fire. I got up one morning and it was chilly so I put the heat on and started to get ready for work. The smoke alarm went off. I turned the heat off and called the repairman. It turns out that natural gas was hooked up to a propane heater. Thank you Gary.

 Marge HagartyKelly

     I cannot thank you enough for our reading.  I have always believed in connections to the other side and you confirmed it for me.  There is no doubt in our minds that you are for real.  I know that Mindy was really helped by all you said.  And you were right, we will be back again.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us and allowing us to connect to the other side.

     " I had heard about Gary's readings, but wasn't prepared for the accuracy he displayed! It was as if he plucked the facts right out of my head, and all with a warm and caring manner. I would highly recommend Gary!" Sherry, Dallas, TX

     Hello Gary,
     I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You! The reading you gave me was GREAT! You were right in everything you told me; there was no gray area anywhere. You are the real deal!!!

Chris Beaty
     Boyd, Texas     I would highly recommend Gary Champion to anyone and everyone. I have had 3 readings from him.  He has amazed me every time.  He has told me things about my family that I never knew, not just the ones that are still here but also about the ones who have gone on.  The last reading was nothing like I expected, not at all.  It was better than I could have ever imagined.  I had a list of 26 questions and he answered nearly all of them before I asked them so I would highly recommend Gary Champion.  He has something that is a true gift from God.  Sincerely,  Lola Bertling 


     I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading on Sunday In Portland Oregon. I was there with my fiancée' and her daughter and you shared information with all of us. I feel you have something for me and a phone reading is in order. I cannot express enough, the respect and admiration I have for you. I hope this email finds you well and happiness fills your days. Thank you so much again. :))))))))))) sitemap