Gary Champion, Psychic Medium, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

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      The link below will lead you to my YouTube channel where there are many videos about various metaphysical topics.  Some are from classes that I gave and others are ones that I made for you to watch with learning in mind.  These are my thoughts alone and I take responsibility for everything in them.

 My YouTube Videos

Video Testimonials from YouTube

      Thank you for videos and input. They have taught me a lot since I found your channel a few days ago. I’m trying to go with the flow of life, let go of this controlling trait I have, learn about myself and figure out what my empathic abilities are all about. I shut my “door” long ago out of fear. I get very overwhelmed! I am grateful to leave a comment and let you know how appreciative I am! You are helping others and one day I hope to be able to myself.

           Thanks Gary, nice to hear something positive about us. I really appreciate that I was born into a country where I do have freedom. It can be real tiring being a woman but then it can also be fantastic! Have a nice day :)

      But thank you for qualifying "most women" because as many of us know or have seen it's the female who can do most damage to her children and generations to follow. Until someone stops it. That bad energy would be my grandmother & probably her own. She damaged a lot of people. But yes! Women at their best or even half best are pretty damn incredible. :

      Happy Mother’s Day all. Lovely video, thank you, Gary

      Love your straight forward speak

       So true Thank You for your continuous enlightenment. Alive your straight forward speak!

      Great message

      Re: reincarnation, I had one very clear past life flashback when I was a toddler. I'll spare you the details but it was unmistakable and I have never forgotten it. It's like a little window opened up and I remembered this scene from a past life and then just that quickly the window closed. I also have had numerous smaller experiences or feelings that said "past life" to me, even when I was young and had not yet read or heard about such things. I have to assume that I'm not unusual and that most of us have been around the block many times. Clearly, I am woefully inadequate, so I have to keep coming back for more lessons! Funny situation: I was in confirmation class At age 14, and we had really interesting discussions in our church. I am no longer a member, but I appreciated the open dialogue. The subject of Past lives came up or I brought it up and I was told that we didn't believe in that.

      wanketta - Fascinating! When I was really little, it seemed adults talked all around me up high (because they were taller), they never talked to me directly, got totally on my level and really listened (keeping in mind that verbal skills are not formed so it takes patience to listen and discover the true meaning). Later about age 10, adults and teachers did the same trying to figure out what was best for me or what the problem was and I always wondered - why didn't they just ask me?

Thanks for video they help me get through the day your wisdom and humour

I've had these - so called "dream visitations"

I really love watching your videos very educational